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Student Services

We know you are serious about starting a new career, so we are serious about helping you get started. Here is what Dental Career College offers its students:

Career Placement Assistance-Unlimited

As a graduate of Dental Career College you will work closely with our Career Services Department. A Career Service Advisor will assist you during your job search. Dental Career College sets the Gold standard in Career Services as we pride ourselves with the dedication and commitment we provide to our graduates. Once you graduate you become a part of our family and family is what we are all about around here.

FREE Career Coaching for 6 months-Savings of $1200

Dental Career College grads enjoy assistance from active practice management consultants and coaches at no charge.Practice Management Consultants and Career Coaches push their clients to peak performance in their careers. Since you are new to Dentistry we want to ensure you have every tool possible for success. Our goal is to make your transition into Dentistry a seamless one. Feel free to discuss a wide range of topics from: how to bill larger claims to sharing your first day on the job with your personal Career Coach. A Career Coach is your competitive advantage in the job market. Non-DCC grads pay $200 each month for this service. Now that’s something to talk about!

Resume Assistance-Savings of $150

Dental Career College has joined forces with to provide an amazing resume service to our amazing graduates. In addition to this awesome tool, your resume will be sent to local practice managers for constructive feedback. You will be advised if you would have been selected for a position or not and why. You will receive this info prior to graduation because after all, as a DCC graduate you will defiantly have what it takes and if your resume doesn’t stand out, what good is all the training? Your success is our success!

Interview Assistance-Unlimited

So you got the interview, now what? We take the interview process as serious as you do. We have a proven strategy only available to DCC graduates to help you shine through your interview. We show you how to determine if you are being interviewed by a skilled recruiter and what to do if not, so you can still show them what you are made of. We also go over the common do’s and don’ts specific to your industry. In other words, you will ACE your interviews!

FREE Re-Training for 12 months Post Graduation- Savings of $2499

Dentistry is an ever changing field. Of course, we want our graduates to have the latest knowledge and tools available to stay up to date with all the changes. For that reason we have included our one of a kind Graduate Re-Training Program. You are welcome to come back to school and sit in on any class for up to 12 months at no charge. Feel free to call us for more info about this outstanding program!

FREE membership to the Dental Career College Study Club-Savings of $350

Dental Career College has over 100 local dental administrators who participate in the DCC Study Club. A study club is designed for active dental administrators currently working in dentistry. Annual dues are $350 for non-DCC Grads. Study club members enjoy local speakers and get together 4 times per year to discuss challenges they are faces within their practices. Speakers have been local Dentist to Practice Management Consultants. The study club offers an inside look at a dental practice and their challenges. You also get to interact with experienced dental administrators and like-minded individuals who share the same passion for Dentistry as you do. Study club membership is also a tool for networking and meeting potential employers.

Total Savings of over $4000!

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